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Home Before Dark In The Latest Thriller From New York Times Bestseller Riley Sager, A Woman Returns To The House Made Famous By Her Father S Bestselling Horror Memoir Is The Place Really Haunted By Evil Forces, As Her Father Claimed Or Are There Earthbound And Dangerous Secrets Hidden Within Its Walls What Was It Like Living In That HouseMaggie Holt Is Used To Such Questions Twenty Five Years Ago, She And Her Parents, Ewan And Jess, Moved Into Baneberry Hall, A Rambling Victorian Estate In The Vermont Woods They Spent Three Weeks There Before Fleeing In The Dead Of Night, An Ordeal Ewan Later Recounted In A Nonfiction Book Called House Of Horrors His Tale Of Ghostly Happenings And Encounters With Malevolent Spirits Became A Worldwide Phenomenon, Rivaling The Amityville Horror In Popularity And SkepticismToday, Maggie Is A Restorer Of Old Homes And Too Young To Remember Any Of The Events Mentioned In Her Father S Book But She Also Doesn T Believe A Word Of It Ghosts, After All, Don T Exist When Maggie Inherits Baneberry Hall After Her Father S Death, She Returns To Renovate The Place To Prepare It For Sale But Her Homecoming Is Anything But Warm People From The Past, Chronicled In House Of Horrors, Lurk In The Shadows And Locals Aren T Thrilled That Their Small Town Has Been Made Infamous Thanks To Maggie S Father Even Unnerving Is Baneberry Hall Itself A Place Filled With Relics From Another Era That Hint At A History Of Dark Deeds As Maggie Experiences Strange Occurrences Straight Out Of Her Father S Book, She Starts To Believe That What He Wrote Was Fact Than Fiction 4.5 creepy haunted house starsThis was my first Riley Sager read and I know he has scores of fans This one was definitely a page turner and had so many twists and turns that I didn t know what to believe most of the time Front and center in this one is THE house Baneberry Hall is it haunted as the bestselling book House of Horrors claims or did the author make it all up Maggie was just a child when her parents bought Baneberry Hall in Vermont and they fled from the house just a few weeks later, never to return Maggie s father wrote the book and it became a big hit Maggie never believed it was true Now the house is her inheritance and she plans to fix it up Upon arrival, strange events start happening and Maggie starts to doubt her beliefs, maybe what her father wrote is all true Will the ghosts drive her away as well Or will Maggie determine the truth This one was a fast paced tale, with present day events alternating with chapters from the House of Horrors book The end had quite a few head spinning twists at the end and was cleverly plotted Fans of ghost stories will definitely like this one.Thank you to Riley Sager, Edelweiss, and Dutton for an early copy of this one to read and review This one releases 6.30.2020 I predict it will be a big summer hit Every house has a story Ours is a ghost story It s also a lie And now that yet another person has died within these walls, it s finally time to tell the truth Fellow Riley Sager junkies, you ve waited so patiently for me to slip out of my Covid 19 induced anxiety, and I m here to tell you that I ve shaken the funk and am feeling passionately encouraged to word vomit my thoughts about this book Before I get started, you need to know going in that this book has a slightly altered feel to his previous novels, but I feel like this is a given, as each book he writes evolves into a new thrilling sub genre If I had to compare Home Before Dark to another one of Sager s books, I d say that it would mostly align with Final Girls, as it portrays that same growing since of dread while serving a side of mainstream horror The blurbs calling this a tale for fans of Hill House are spot on, and if you love a good ghost story, whether those ghosts are supernatural or manmade monsters, I think you ll adore this book If you enjoy books within books, they you re in luck, because that s just what we have here In the book portions, AKA the past, Maggie and her parents moved into this big scary mansion where some really questionable things happened in the past, but they aren t weenies and decide that the low low asking price is worth the risk of their livescue the scary musicWhen we alternate to the present tense, we know that something really bad happened that caused Maggie s family to abandon the property in the middle of the night, just a few short weeks after moving in, and that is the large suspenseful build up throughout the book Obviously, we need to know what happened and who was responsible The beauty of this story is that there are a million little working parts that come together to form the outcome of the whole book, and even if you guess a few of the twists, I can guarantee there will be a few others that will blow your mind One of the twists crossed my mind from the moment the curious behavior piqued my interest, and I wasn t disappointed when I ended up being correct in my assumptions, because it showcased one of my favorite plot twists from a movie in recent years which I won t mention here for fear of spoilers There are ghosts of various kinds, snakes, hot contractors with washboard abs, snakes, delicious baked goods, snakes, things that go bump in the night Did I mention the snakes and the guy with the really great bod Just checkingIn my best Stefan voiceThis summer s hottest book is Home Before Dark It has everything creepy haunted houses, mysterious people from the past, and an ending that will have you sure to keep on the lights when you sleep for at least a few nights This one is well worth the pre order friendsMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy. I love an author s vivid creativity and trying something unexpected to exceed his or her previous writing performances by taking a challenge and trying something brand new.Riley Sager is one of the most brilliant authors raises the bars and waltz between genres and serves us fresh baked from oven kind of delicious, soul crushing, mind numbing, exhilarating, surprising stories with WTF I just read kind of twisty, the rug pulled out from your feet kind of endings.This time he dances between horror, supernatural, ghost stories and mix them with true crime, murder, whodunit elements You sense Amityville Horror, Haunting of Hill House and a little bit Exorcist , Shining and Conjuring vibes At some parts you sense the author s tribute to Stephen King novels by using his favorite elements like dysfunctional family dynamics, small town mystery, the thin line between madness and reality.So get ready to freak out because you re reading two books at the same time One of them belongs to Megan Holt s POV, inherited a so called haunted house from her father after his sudden death and advised her not to go there again Other book belongs to Megan s father Ewan telling us their 20 days of horrifying experience at the house with his soon to be ex wife and 5 years old Megan.Ewan s part of the book published and haunted Megan s life forever, prevented her forming normal relationships and having a real social life She only have one close friend and business partner Allie helps her renovating houses and now she decides to move to Baneberry Hall the haunted family Victorian estate and learn the truth her family is hiding because she never believed that ghostbusters against paranormal activity bullshit But as soon as she takes her first step in the house, unbelievable and spooky things start to happen Megan still has no idea about what happened when she was little and she insisted her parents to come clean but they denied her.And Ewan s book is entertaining and horrifying than Megan s POV, making you feel like any time Winchester Brothers appear out of nowhere to help the family pouring salt on the floor and put the ghosts on fire Especially the creepy song plays at the night time gave me so much creeps and huge desire to scream till my throat burns.I don t want to give spoils but I may only say the ending is satisfying and some parts are foreseeable but you still want to ask yourself What Why WTH yes, you partly expected some parts but not the whole picture I filled like my spidey senses out of juice I also have to add last two books covers of the author are fantastic They give you a brief warning that something terrifying and disturbing is waiting you as soon as you flip the pages.Overall Pacing is good However, at some parts I lost my interest for Megan s POV and I enjoyed Ewan s book so much , it is still riveting, heart throbbing, nail, elbow, hand, arm biter, unputdowable, creepy story that I ve dreamt of I was so ready to sell my not so precious soul to get an ARC COPY and my wish came true.So I m giving 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 Special thanks to NetGalley and Dutton Books for ARC of one of the most anticipated thrillers of this year in exchange my honest review and thanks to Riley Sager, I loved this book than Lock Every Door bloginstagramfacebooktwitter Will the fourth one be the best one yet

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