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Zeus the Mighty: The Quest for the Golden Fleas Greek Mythology Meets Cute Talking Animals In This First Adventure In A Hilarious New Middle Grade Fiction Series, Starring Zeus The Mighty King Of The Gods Ruler Of Minions HAMSTER, And The Crazy Crew Of Critters Of The Mount Olympus Pet CenterWelcome To The Mount Olympus Pet Center, Which Sits High On A Hill In Athens Georgia The Owner, Artie, Has A Soft Spot For Animals That Need A Forever Home, And She Has Rescued A Menagerie Of Creatures, Each Named After A Powerful God Or Goddess But These Animals Aren T Just Pets With Cool Names Meet Zeus, A Tiny Hamster With A Mighty Appetite For Power His Cage Sits Atop A High Shelf So He Can Watch The Other Pets From Above But Being King Of The Gods Is A Tough Job You Ve Got To Issue Orders And Decrees, Make Sure To Stay In Tip Top Shape By Running On Your Exercise Wheel, And Most Importantly, Lead Your Minions On Epic Journeys And Zeus The Mighty Has One Giant Task In Front Of Him Find The Golden Fleas And Solidify His Position Before The Other Gods RebelGet Ready To Laugh, Cheer, And Learn With This Adorable And Quirky Cast Of Characters In Their Unforgettable First Adventure A Reimagining Of The Tale Of The Golden Fleece

About the Author: Crispin Boyer

Crispin Boyer lives in San Francisco and writes about history, wildlife, and technology He and his wife, Ramah, are the lord and lady of a 1914 Victorian that is 700 times smaller than a typical castle but almost as drafty Their microwave might not roast an ox like most medieval ovens, but at least their bathroom isn t a hole in the wall that empties into a stinky moat.

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    It was pretty similar to a Geronimo Stilton book but it was about Ancient Greek so it was good I think that the characters really showcased the Greek gods I normally don t like books with pictures in them very much, because I can t imagine the characters too well, but the description were really good, so I could visualized like I can with a normal picture less book.

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    Zeus is a hamster who rules the kingdom of the pet store along with the other Olympian gods, Athena the cat, Demeter the cricket, Ares the dog, and Poseidon the puffer fish These animals have mystic powers and find artifacts that help them in their adventures When Poseidon questions Zeus ability to rule, Zeus goes on a quest to find the Golden Fleas Fleece to prove that he is worthy to be king of the gods.I l

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    Zeus the Mighty and the Quest for the Golden FleasNational Geo PublisherThe Truth Behind the Fiction Background knowledge about Greek Gods in back of book is very useful The reader can also can get an idea of their personalities and relationships based on the way the animals act and interact Premise Pet rescue center that has a Greek God theme Pets names and areas of the store ie Mt Olympus, Argean Sea etc In addition

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    I like that some rather sophisticated concepts Greek gods myths, some animal facts are packaged in a very young chapter book story line and simple writing style The POV via the pet store denizens only puts readers right in middle of the action Especially clever is hamster Zeus s his minions interpretations of modern store design and technology e.g electrical light, the Greeking Out podcast Some of the Greek god to pet match up

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    it is kind of scary it is cool i like the book.i read it on my kindle there is going to be another one my favorite character is zeus it is a good book there is a dragon in it i love it it is fiction.

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    I just love how they put Greek mythology into animated characters Great story, plot, and story line Loved the index on Greek mythology Gave this wonderful gem to my niece for Christmas A must read for book lovers everywhere.

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    This was very creative and clever and really a lot of fun I like that Zeus is really full of himself, but yet is still endearing in the end I also very much enjoyed the innovative ways Boyer worked aspects of Greek mythology into Zeus s pet shop environment.

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    My readers will enjoy learning about Greek mythology from this series Creative way of telling the story of Jason and the Argonauts using pets from a pet store Zeus, Demeter, Ares, Athena, and Poseidon are pets of the owner Artie.

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    Clever and fun.

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    This was a really fun book Great premise The whole theme is great, and the story was well thought out and thoroughly entertaining

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